October 27, 2016

Our Mission Statement

Safari Club International is a charitable organization dedicated to wildlife conservation, outdoor education and youth services.  Every member is a conversationalist on many levels.  From their membership dollars to support SCI’s global activities, to their local chapter projects, to their support of federal and local game and fish agencies.

President’s Message

Join us for the 10th annual banquet of the Lubbock Texas Chapter of Safari Club International. This banquet is here to support the mission of SCI, namely the preservation of our hunting heritage. The Banquet Committee has worked hard to make this our best banquet to date. We hope you enjoy yourselves as we all join together in supporting The Lubbock Chapter of SCI. Our banquet will include several opportunities to donate to some very special humanitarian causes which will unfold throughout the night. Please read the important message that follows, and thanks again for being being a part of this wonderful event.


All of the hunts and trips offered at our banquet are top-quality. They are the same packages that you would buy directly from the outfitters that have donated them. One might ask, “Why would they donate a first class hunt?” First, let me clarify that all of these items are not 100% donations. Some are 70/30 or 50/50 splits; others require a specified reserve amount be returned to the donor; and some items, like art, are purchased by the Chapter for resale. That said, there are several reasons for an outfitter to donate a trip, such as: to gain exposure to prospective clients; to offer hunts that can be upgraded with additional days and/or animals; but the main reason is to support SCI. These donors, who make their living in the outdoors, know that SCI is the single most powerful advocate for wildlife conservation and the preservation of sport hunting in the world today. Please keep in mind that these donors have made an economic sacrifice to donate these trips to benefit SCI. Most of these trips are with outfitters with whom our chapter members have personal experience. Those that we do not have personal experience with, come recommended by members of other SC! chapters. In case you are wondering what it costs to fly to Argentina or Africa; the price varies with the season and other factors such as fluctuating fuel costs; but generally would run from $1000 to $2000 round trip. We offer this information so you may purchase these offerings with confidence in their quality and value. Thank you for supporting SC!; have a good time and please bid generously.


Tim Gafford

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